Waterproof socks Guide



Internal layer bamboo rayon - weight 43g

Thinner than the other models, the TRAIL-DRY is ideal for trail running or cycling at temperatures between 5 ° and 20 °.


guide chaussettes étanche modèle classics

Internal layer Coolmax - Weight 49g

Original Verjari model, this waterproof sock is the perfect compromise between warmth, thickness and breathability. It adapts to all types of activities. Something you MUST have.


chaussette étanche RUN-PRINT

Internal layer bamboo rayon - weight 54g

The RUN-PRINT is distinguished by its innovative design (printing technique), its non-slip strips, and the differentiation of left foot / right foot shape. This waterproof sock adapts to most sports uses but is particularly recommended for running / trail running.


chaussette étanche modèle TRAIL-LIGHT

Mid-cald - Internal layer merino wool - Weight 57g

The TREK-LIGHT, mid-calf, is perfect for prolonged activities in a natural environment: hiking, walking, trekking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting, navigation etc. We recommend that you use this model of waterproof socks at positive outside temperatures.


chaussette étanche MOUNTANIA Verjari

Mid-calf - Internal layer merino wool - Weight 61g
This MOUNTANIA mid-calf waterproof sock has an inner layer of merino fleece. It offers real comfort in difficult outdoor conditions (negative temperatures). This sock is suitable for mountain activities.