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V-DRY Waterproof Technology Verjari

Waterproof V-Dry Technology

V-DRY waterproof products are made with of 3 layers:

The 1st, skin side (or lining) is different depending on the model. It is generally made from Bamboo, Coolmax, Merino or Merino fleece (See the waterproof collection here). 
The 2nd is composed of a waterproof and breathable microporous membrane thanks to billions of microscopic pores.
The 3rd, outer layer serves as a protective layer. The composition varies according to the models.

The waterproof membrane

The membrane used for our waterproof products is microporous. Developed over many years of experience, our membrane works by letting sweat molecules evaporate through the mesh of tiny membrane pores, less than a micron in diameter, which also act as a barrier for water.

By regulating the size of the tiny holes in the membrane, our products keep the wearer warm and dry, while maintaining a comfortable temperature and without sweating. Schematically, the size of the micropores is set so that outside water does not enter but large enough to allow perspiration to escape.

Uses : Socks, Gloves, Hats

We use this V-DRY technology on various products such as socks, gloves or hats. This technology makes it possible to combine opposing properties such as breathability and waterproofness. It also helps maintain user comfort with light and comfortable fabrics.


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