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Verjari is developing the next generation of outdoor clothing

Create the future

Humanity is facing unprecedented changes. Athletes operate in an increasingly unstable nature. The environmental challenge is unprecedented. Verjari is developing technical clothing adapted to the world of tomorrow.

Reject the status quo

Verjari was founded in 2018 by two French athletes passionate about new technologies : Antoine Verhille and François Sandjari. They explain Verjari's founding idea : "Today the world is changing faster than ever in human history. And despite advances in science, our clothes continue to do what they have been doing for thousands of years : simply keeping us warm, cool or dry. We want to go beyond this status quo with more advanced textiles, smart, efficient and eco-friendly."

Challenge the norm

Science and technology now open up unprecedented potential for innovation. They lead us to rethink clothing, its function and its definition. Verjari is radically committed to this path of exploring new textile technologies.


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