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Zoom Sous vêtement Filet Thermique AIRPOCKET - Maillot Respirant Thermo-Régulant Homme
Zoom sous-couche-thermique-running-trail-verjari
Zoom Sous vêtement Filet Thermique AIRPOCKET - Maillot Respirant Thermo-Régulant Homme
Zoom Sous vêtement Filet Thermique AIRPOCKET - Maillot Respirant Thermo-Régulant Homme

AIRPOCKET Thermoregulator Breathable Underlayer Men

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The AIRPOCKET thermoregulator underwear is a technical underlayer that is both breathable and insulating. It keeps your skin dry and at a controlled temperature during exercise. This 2-in-1 feature was developed in a single layer to reduce equipment in fall-winter-spring.

Effective for all outdoor sports, the Airpocket underlayer makes it possible to replace the traditional duo "breathable t-shirt / insulating mid-layer" with a single layer. It ensures both an excellent transfer of your perspiration (dry skin) thanks to its composition in Polycolon®, and a thermal shield function which isolates you from the outside temperature thanks to its "air pockets" (air is an excellent insulator).

For example, for a run in a temperature of 5°C, you can wear the Airpocket underlayer directly under a simple windbreaker. You will then be equipped in a minimalist way with all the operational functions: transpiration transfer, thermal insulation and external protection. The Airpocket underlayer is effective from trail running, to cycling, trekking or skiing. It is also tear-proof.

  • Optimal breathability - dry skin
  • "Air pockets" heat shield
  • Polycolon® Schoeller® composition
  • Bacteriostatic (Anti-odor)
  • Tear-proof
  • Weight: 100g
  • Black color
  • Designed in France
  • Fibers made in Switzerland
  • European made - Poland

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Breathable 38K MVP
Polycolon® Fibers
Anti odors

A unique technical fiber


Polycolon® fiber is an extremely high-performance technical fiber developped by the Swiss company Schoeller®. It is specifically developed for moisture wicking (perspiration). Also very light and bacteriostatic, it ensures optimal odor management
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Air pockets

Heat Shield

The AIRPOCKET baselayer is designed as a heat shield of "air pockets". This design allows air to be trapped in the air cells between the skin and the layer of clothing above. As air is an excellent insulator, these pockets allow the skin to be isolated from the outside temperature and thus keep it at a regulated temperature.

Sweat transfer

Dry skin during exercise

Thanks to the Polycolon® fibers, the baselayer absorbs and wicks away perspiration to keep the skin dry during exercise. This dry skin combined with the heat shield provides optimal comfort. The feel of the fabric on the skin is soft and similar to that of very light wool.


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