10 tips for running in cold winter

In winter, it is advisable to respect a few points in order to train in the best conditions and to keep motivation. Here are 10 tips for running in cold winter.

Waterproof garments, how does it work ?

How waterproof garments are made ? How the technology work ?

7 tips for running under the rain

With the onset of fall and winter, the rain is back and conditions are not as good for training. Here are 7 tips for running under the rain.

Recycled sports clothing: ecology and performance

Used plastics pile up around us (bottles, bags, etc.) and generally end up in nature. There is a huge stock already produced that we can use to manufacture our sportswear, without loss of performance.

Self-healing textile: long-lasting clothing

Verjari is developing a garment capable of completely absorbing certain degradations such as holes. Self-healing clothing designed for an ultra-long life.

Graphene clothing: Exceptional sports properties

Graphene will change the sports industry. Both thermal and bacteriostatic regulator, extremely light and resistant, its properties suggest a new future for sportswear.

V-light Phosphorescent Running Jacket

The V-light phosphorescent jacket glow in the dark. It traps light. It is also breathable, windproof, waterproof, packable and reflective. Ideal for running.

Waterproof socks : what you need to know

Our waterproof socks are a revolution. All you need to know about the technology and how to use them.

V-DRY Waterproof Technology Verjari

Discover how V-DRY Verjari waterproof technology works. V-DRY waterproof technology is waterproof, breathable and windproof

5 Tips for Ultra Trail Recovery

Discover 5 tips for ultra trail recovery. Recover faster and stronger.


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