Natural materials and fibers

The main natural fibers are cotton, linen, silk, wool. We can also cite hemp or cashmere. They are therefore of plant (like cotton) or animal (like wool) origin.

What should you think about before going on a bike trek?

More and more of you are attracted to this new mode of travel. Before you take the plunge, it's important to be meticulous.These are obviously not the kind of trips you can expect out of the blue. Bike trekking or...

Specialized Trek socks: advantages?

In high performance sport, we tend to talk about marginal gains. For the average person, the simple change of clothing or equipment can bring comfort and performance. Without trying to climb the summits, comfort is never negligible.Trek socksWhen hiking, trekking,...

Outdoor equipment: a reminder of the essentials

The call of the sea pushes all sports enthusiasts who love the great outdoors. To fully enjoy outdoor sports sessions, suitable equipment is necessary. What are the essential clothes and accessories ?Outdoor equipmentWhat better way than to explore the great...

What sports alternatives when it rains?

Outdoor sport is invigorating, but it isn’t always motivating when the weather is bad. To give yourself a clear conscience or continue your training in better conditions, there are many possibilities available to you in the warmth.Don't stop when it's...

Transform old clothes into 100% recycled yarn in France

There are extremely ecological processes in France that allow the production of French recycled yarn. We have used this process for the eco-responsible ECO-TREK beanies.Recovery of used clothingAfter recovering garment scraps and used textiles from knitters in France and Europe,...

Which trail shoes to choose?

Every discipline has its equipment. When it comes to trail running, the role of shoes is essential and it is not always easy to make a choice and sometimes to understand the most important characteristics when buying a new pair.Fundamental...

How to prepare a 25 km trail?

Put on your shoes and run? Although rudimentary, the practice of a trail is not so minimalist, especially when hanging a bib. So how do you prepare well before running a trail ranging from 20 to 30 kilometers?Ready to climb...

Our training proposals for running in the mountains

Trail running can be practiced on many trails but this discipline becomes king when it is practiced in the mountains. A delicate environment which requires special training. Put on your sneakers, we'll take you to training.Prepare for the mountain raceIt...

Outdoor sport: remember to equip yourself properly

You like to exercise more than anything and for that, nothing better than an activity in the great outdoors. Resourcing and refreshing are on the menu, but be careful to equip yourself well during these training sessions.Equipment is a second...

How to get back to sport after an injury?

It is always difficult to return to sport after an injury. Follow our advice to calmly get back your physical activity without aggravating your injury.

what to eat before a trail run ?

Food is as important as your gear, especially as race day approaches. Find out what to eat before a trail run in this article.

Tips for hiking equipment

A popular activity, hiking is accessible to many. Whether in the mountains, in the forest or on the coasts, it is important to leave equipped in order to face any eventuality. Comfort will also be important when starting your walks.CLOTHINGWho...

What is running trail ?

If the pronunciations in good english wander, the outcome remains the same ... What is commonly called "trail" is a discipline in full expansion, all over the world. Many received ideas sometimes alter the exact definition of this practice, which...

Eco-friendly and sustainable sport textiles

Guide of eco-friendly and sustainable textiles used for sports apparels: recycled textiles, natural fibers and bioplastics.

9 tips for running in hot weather

In summer, the impact of heat during training can be disabling. The body has a hard time eliminating excess heat. Here are 9 tips for running in the hot summer.

Sports equipment : The 3-layer system

The 3-layer system allows you to wick perspiration, resist the cold and protect you from rain and wind. How does it work ?

10 tips for running in cold winter

In winter, it is advisable to respect a few points in order to train in the best conditions and to keep motivation. Here are 10 tips for running in cold winter.

Waterproof garments, how does it work ?

How waterproof garments are made ? How the technology work ?

7 tips for running under the rain

With the onset of fall and winter, the rain is back and conditions are not as good for training. Here are 7 tips for running under the rain.

Recycled sports clothing: ecology and performance

Used plastics pile up around us (bottles, bags, etc.) and generally end up in nature. There is a huge stock already produced that we can use to manufacture our sportswear, without loss of performance.