Waterproof socks

How to choose your waterproof socks ?

The Verjari waterproof socks keep your feet dry in all conditions during your sport thanks to the waterproof technology and its integrated membrane. Do not hesitate to consult our advices and explanations for more information on waterproof socks. Choose the model that corresponds to your practice: Running, Trail, Trek, Hiking or mountain.

Waterproof socks models

If you want to use your waterproof socks for different activities, we recommend the CLASSICS waterproof sock. This is the first model of Verjari waterproof socks. It is a model neither too thick nor too thin which can be suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. The inner layer is made with Coolmax technology, ideal for good humidity management.

For running or trail running, we recommend the TRAIL-DRY waterproof socks. You can choose the black, blue or pink model. They are all made with an inner layer of bamboo, a natural fiber ideal for lightness and perspiration management. You can run in the rain or cross water streams with dry feet.

For hiking, trekking or navigation, we recommend the TREK-LIGHT waterproof sock. Mid Calf model made with an inner layer of merino wool, the TREK-LIGHT is ideal for advanced waterproof protection and good humidity management.

Finally, for the mountains and very cold temperatures, we recommend the MOUNTANIA waterproof sock. Mid-calf with an internal merino wool fleece, it keeps your feet dry but also warm.

In extreme conditions

During an ultra wet trail for example, a waterproof sock will be in prolonged contact with a large amount of water and pressure. The membrane will remain effective during this time. It will continue to block water in one direction and wick away sweat. 

However, after long hours, the ambient humidity of the water will also begin to pass in the other direction and a "wet feeling" may be felt. In very difficult outdoor conditions, we recommend that you take care to block the top of the sock. For example by covering it with your clothes (if possible also waterproof). Indeed, it is absolutely necessary to prevent water from entering through the top of the sock.


All Verjari waterproof socks are also breathable thanks to the micropores (tiny holes) in the membrane. They allow perspiration to escape. They are also windproof. Sizes range is from EUR36 to EUR49. (See US/UK sizes guide on products pages)

For your waterproof socks, it is important to understand that heat must be avoided at all costs. Indeed, the internal waterproof membrane is very sensitive to heat and can lose its power. More specifically, it is very important not to wash them at more than 40 °C. Also, never use the iron on your waterproof socks. Also, avoid drying them on a radiator. Avoid the dryer.

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